Appearance of acupuncture

There is a lot of controversy and research about the source of such happiness as acupuncture. And the versions of these car, but, funnyly, they are radically different from each other. The theorists of the Western school, whose thoughts are fundamentally different from the Chinese version, have succeeded especially in this. Let's list a few of these versions. Version from Michael Goych, duplicated by a domestic specialist [...]

Acupuncture Cataract Treatment

Cataract is an extremely unpleasant disease, the effectiveness of the treatment of which is still a big question. Methods of modern medicine are often either ineffective, or prohibitively expensive, if not completely useless, as luck would have it. But in unconventional Chinese medicine, this disease is often managed to cope, and quite quickly. And, of course, Zhen Tszyu [...]

Yellow Emperor and Cinema

The now famous Yellow Emperor (he is Huang Di) was not always so. Instead of a real historical personality, it was a mythical personality, born of the heavenly spirit, who did good to his mother. He destroyed all demons, was a member of the immortal group, united all of China into a single state, became the first emperor, carried out various reforms and was engaged in many others. For example, entered into [...]