Parable about Yin and Yang

Chinese parables are often very tricky, eloquent, and so folded in such a way that the devil himself will break his leg, and while you finish reading it to the end, one can fall from boredom and deep sleep. However, it must be admitted that in such parables there is a lot of interesting things: the thoughts, the ancient wisdom of the people, and just funny stories come across. One of these parables [...]

Atlas of auricular points

This remarkable atlas contains comprehensive information, as its name implies, on auricular points. This atlas is another product of Infomed Medical Center. The atlas provides information on more than 100 auricular points. The program has a user-friendly interface and advanced search, which allows you to quickly find the desired point. And you can search in the atlas by the following elements: drawing [...]

acupuncture atlas

All sorts of schemes and descriptions are great, of course, but what’s missing is a real atlas of acupuncture points. But not simple, but interactive, so that all descriptions of standard points, front-line zones and new points that were opened quite recently were. Fortunately, such an atlas exists, and was developed by InfaMed Medical Center. You can easily download [...]