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The Truth About Acupuncture website is dedicated to the latest models of washing machines that will make your life cleaner and ... uh, wait a second ... no, we'll talk about that later. And our project is dedicated to ... well, needles, of course, yes! These tiny Chinese needles, with which evil doctors with red with rage eyes try to pierce our weak, vulnerable torso! How to protect against this scourge, aaa?

So, the moment ... something wrong again. Um, what are we talking about? Heh ... yeah, yes, about acupuncture! No, whatever you say, the thing is cool. He pricked with a needle, while his socks were darned, and order, a runny nose was gone, beautiful! So, and here is my mother-in-law passed by, until she sees, pricking with her needle in the ass, increases libido and sexual desires, hyy .... aaaa, don't hit me, Inna Sergeyevna !! Bad experiment: (

What is this then. Okay. Let's do this. Acupuncture is a thing in itself. Everybody knows what it is. Ask on the street, the Hadron Collider is needed for him, no one will say, but everyone has heard about acupuncture!

They write about him, they say, he is advertised! But what of the above is true, and what is a lie? Do doctors want to cash in on us with charlatan ideas, or does the Qi energy of our body really exist and can be activated?

Together with you, the project “The Truth About Acupuncture” or acudao.ru will try to give exhaustive answers to these questions. Interesting interviews, news and facts, consultations of leading experts - together we will restore order in this area and find out what's what!

Stay with us!

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