So what is Qi, Part III

In the previous two articles, we tried to understand what Qi is, what it is eaten with and how tasty it is. Qi is a multifaceted and abstract concept, and with all of this, it is extremely concrete. That is why it has been used for thousands of years and helps in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases. Now we talk about Qi [...]

So what is Qi, ch.II

So, we will continue our ordeals on the path to the knowledge of subtle psychic energy, which, as we already understand, is Chi. Earlier we tried to find a clear and understandable explanation for this word, but we did not find anything concrete, solid “invisible energies” and a full stop. In general, it is clear that nothing is clear. In the second part of this article we will try to figure out what is [...]

So what is Qi?

We are all reasonable people and although there are those among us who love the esoteric, Castaneda, oriental chiropractors and generally believe in miracles, the majority are pragmatists, who give a concrete and clear definition. Therefore, it is not surprising that when learning about acupuncture and reading that it is based on the impact with the energy of Qi, many people ask a fair question - [...]

Energy Qi against aging

Since when does youth end its rapid flight and we are increasingly starting to think about health. And although the risk of getting sores with age is constantly increasing, but old age does not mean poor health. If you lead a youth in the right way of life, then in old age life will be full of colors. Many chronic diseases can be prevented by standard preventive measures. [...]