Acupuncture for cats and dogs

Dogs and cats, our pets, are sick as well as humans. And of course, wanting to cure our pets, we are often forced to resort to the help of medicines and means that are often harmful to the body of the animal. Before you assign your favorite cat or dog a course of therapy, think maybe it is worth trying ... acupuncture? After all, this most effective means of ancient Oriental medicine has long been used not only for people but also for domestic animals.

The list of diseases that can be cured in this way is quite long: it is arthritis, inoperable tumors, chronic pain in various organs and problems with the functioning of the nervous system.

In the US, the turnover of the pet treatment and care industry reaches astronomical amounts, more than $ 50 billion annually. At the same time, several thousand veterinarians across the country are actively using acupuncture in their work.

Currently, the use of acupuncture for the treatment of animals is actively supported even by such an authoritative organization as the US Association for Veterinary Medicine (AMVA). According to the results of her research, it turned out that there are many real cases of how alternative medicine in general, and acupuncture - in particular, help to cope with diseases of pets.

 vet and dog

Recently, a regular congress of AMVA representatives from all over the country was held, in which, in addition to theoretical studies, a practical workshop was held in which a number of non-traditional methods of treatment were used, including acupuncture.

According to one of the veterinarians who conducted the demonstration, the use of acupuncture for the treatment of animals is mentioned in the oldest Indian treatise, which is more than 3 thousand years old. It tells how a local ruler's beloved elephant was healed thanks to acupuncture.

So it's high time to find out about the availability of such a service in the veterinary clinics of your city, and it would not be bad if you could hold an acupuncture session in another clinic, but it’s already in the clinic for people :)


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