acupuncture atlas

All sorts of schemes and descriptions are great, of course, but what’s missing is a real atlas of acupuncture points. But not simple, but interactive, so that all descriptions of standard points, front-line zones and new points that were opened quite recently were.

Fortunately, such an atlas exists, and was developed by InfaMed Medical Center.

You can no problem download demo version of this atlas, but for the full version will have to pay. But, if you like the atlas, the price is quite justified.What's so interesting about the atlas? It presents more than 820 acupuncture points, among them the meridian points, non-meridian, new and auricular.

The search in the atlas of the necessary information is carried out on the following elements:

  • picture (click on a point for a comprehensive description, topography, recommendations on the depth of injection, etc.)
  • anatomical zone (you can choose different zones, say, back, inner side of the leg, ankle, etc.)
  • name (represented by the Chinese name, by which you can also find the desired point)
  • index (for classification of points the most popular French version of the index is used)

The interface of the atlas of acupuncture looks like this:

acupuncture atlas


And this is even more interesting:

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