Atlas of auricular points

This remarkable atlas contains comprehensive information, as its name implies, on auricular points. This atlas is another product of Infomed Medical Center. The atlas provides information on more than 100 auricular points. The program has a user-friendly interface and advanced search, which allows you to quickly find the desired point.

And you can search in the atlas by the following elements:

  • a picture (click on the point indicated in the picture and get full information on it, including topography, injection depth, etc.);
  • index (in the atlas used alphanumeric index of the French version, the most popular in the world);
  • name (here the name of the organ or part of the body, which is affected by the energy point, say, “ankle”, “pancreas”, “cortex”, etc.)
  • keywords (you can enter a query like “back pain” and find a list of necessary points in the description of which this query is mentioned).

Interface atlas:

atlas of auricular points

Unlike atlas of acupuncture points, this atlas is completely free and after downloading you get a full version.

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