Acupuncture: to whom and why?

It would seem like a normal needle can affect significantly on health? Well, when medicine is injected into the body through it, then everything is clear, but what about acupuncture? Why does it work, and does it work at all? Let's say right away - this area does not tolerate self-treatment, but an experienced acupuncture specialist will be able to bring up even a patient with advanced forms of illness.

The main task of acupuncture is the management of the energy of life, which since ancient times the Chinese called the word “Qi” (or “Chi”). From the point of view of eastern medicine, any disease interferes with the normal circulation of this vital energy, which in the body passes through certain channels. By the way, these channels, or energy zones, in India are called notorious “chakras”.

Let's talk about the internal mechanism of acupuncture. The bottom line is that the mechanical effect on certain energetic active areas of the body helps to stimulate the functioning of internal organs, and it is not surprising, because everything in the body is interconnected. In addition, this results in the release into the blood of a large amount of endorphins, which are substances that positively affect mood and well-being. In addition, endorphins are among the most effective natural painkillers. This is where the needles come into action, which, acting on the points, help to cope with pain. In particular, acupuncture contributes to the healing of sciatica, pain in the compositions, regular migraine, chronic back pain. Only 15 minutes of needle exposure to the body, and the pain will begin to subside. In many cases, only 3-4 sessions of needle therapy are sufficient, and the person stands up, forgetting about his pain, which has poisoned his life.


Another name for acupuncture is acupuncture. These methods make it possible to cope with a variety of diseases of the vegetative system, in particular, with headache, ragged sleep, irritability, dystonia, a very common syndrome of chronic fatigue. Acupuncture (another name for acupuncture), by the way, is very conducive to the work of the body's immune system to protect against various diseases, helps to cope with many skin and allergic diseases.

What else can be cured with miraculous needles (the word sounds scary, although in reality it is just small, thin needles)? The list is huge. This includes pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the excretory, digestive and reproductive systems. In addition, acupuncture helps to cope with obesity and overcome such nightmarish habits as alcoholism and smoking. Of course, acupuncture is very conducive to the return to the body of youth and vitality, helps get rid of wrinkles.

Often, acupuncture is prescribed after plastic surgery on the face, because acupuncture will help get rid of tissue swelling, increase blood circulation, make wound healing faster.

But the needles are not the golden remedy for all diseases and not a panacea. There are many diseases that cannot be treated by this method, in particular, they include acute infectious and oncological diseases, various ailments that can be cured only by surgery. However, even in such a serious situation, acupuncture will help relieve pain, will allow you to more comfortable move the rehabilitation period.

Gold and silver needles

Each acupuncturist has in its arsenal a whole carriage of needles, which have the most diverse length and width. Needles are made of stainless material, silver and gold. And this is not just because every material is intended for a specific application. Say, to get rid of smoking you need to use gold or silver needles.

Gold and silver needles

In acupuncture, many different techniques, so you need to apply only to an experienced specialist, who, in addition to knowledge and experience, must have a developed intuition. The choice of needles is carried out by a doctor not only according to the results of diagnostics, but also after studying the characteristics of the patient. In most cases, conventional stainless steel needles are universal and do not cause allergies, while possessing great efficiency. Their action is often complemented by manual, thermal, or electrical therapy. In the hands of an experienced doctor, even a regular needle can have an effect that is not at all inferior to the effect of a golden needle. However, alas, there is a reverse situation. Therefore, qualification and again qualification - this is the main requirement for an acupuncture specialist.

In poor hands, the patient may be in an unpleasant situation, because an incorrect impact on the active zones can lead to a sharp decrease in blood pressure. By the way, to prevent the risk of infection, disposable needles are used for acupuncture, although sometimes golden needles are simply sterilized.


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