Acupuncture pregnant

This theme, dear ladies, is so relevant that it is absolutely impossible to pass by by her! Now, in the spaces of the former USSR, so many clinics with an eastern slant have divorced that at least shout the guard. And it would be ok if there were professionals who had been practicing with real Chinese doctors for 10 years, and even in China itself, but there is no ... a lot of theorists that they study textbooks in Russia. As a result, they boldly do acupuncture pregnant women are absolutely not afraid of the consequences, while how to fear something is necessary, and how!

Let us see what was mentioned in one of the remarkable interviews given by Professor E. Glikman, who is the head of the Yin and Yang manual therapy center.

Tell me, what diseases can be cured with the use of acupuncture?

It is much easier to say that it is impossible to treat. For example, it is an acute mental illness, as well as pregnant women. The latter, by the way, not because there is a risk of harming a woman or a child, but only for psychological reasons. Let's say she is afraid of needles or will be overly worried, which can lead to miscarriage. This also applies to oncology, although in China such patients are also actively treated with acupuncture ...

This is how you need to introduce needles to scare a pregnant woman? With a loud roar and a brutal face? And it would be fine if this statement were single, so no, this opinion is very common. A lot of doctors believe that acupuncture - yes, it helps, but this is not a serious treatment, so there is absolutely nothing to fear. Just think, a little needle under the skin ... what will be there?


And he didn’t even know such a doctor that in China, instead of abortion clinics, they used ... these very little needles. Just a few needles in the right areas on the body, and miscarriage was guaranteed. The demand, of course, for such services was oh, as great as it was at all times, however ... It seems that European physicians do not understand at all how easy it is to achieve a miscarriage by acupuncture. As a result, such leaders of the “centers” speak quite calmly about what they do not understand at all.

In order to illustrate the above, let us turn to the classics of Chinese literature. An excerpt from the ancient creation “The great achievements of Zhen-Tszyu” in Vinogorodsky translation.

At that time, when the heir to the throne was walking through the forest, he met a pregnant woman. After examining the pulse of her pulse, he found out that she was wearing a girl. Xu Ben-bo, the heir’s doctor, assured him that one boy and one girl would be born. The heir to the throne wanted to check his words. Then Ben-bo devastated the San-Yin-Jiao zone, filling the He-Gu zone, and during the acupuncture session, the woman had a miscarriage, which fully confirmed Ben-Bo. In the following years, no one affected the points of san-yin-jiao and he-gu in pregnant women. But if Ben-boo devastated San-yin-jiao and filled he-gu, which led to a miscarriage, couldn’t it be done the other way around, filling San-yin-jiao and devastating he-gu to calm the fetus? Since there are three meridians of the kidneys, liver and spleen in the San-Yin-Jiao zone, and she is responsible for managing the blood of the Yin matter, you can fill it and not empty it. He-gu is the yuan (source) zone for the large intestine. And the large intestine, in turn, is a fu organ for the lungs, is responsible for managing Ци, and therefore this area needs to be emptied and cannot be filled. By emptying San-ying-jiao and filling He-gu, Ben-bo achieved that the blood was depleted, and Qi reached the state of flourishing. If now to fill the San-Ying-Jiao area and empty the He-Gu area, then the blood will flourish, and Qi will be exhausted.”

The ancient Chinese say, as you can see, in plain text - the effect on the same points but in various ways calmly lead to an absolutely opposite ending. Western doctors like to use some kind of averaged exposure technique. And it is not surprising, because Qi is an empty sound for them, therefore there is nothing to empty / replenish there.

As the treatise testifies, the state of pregnancy and infertility can be controlled by affecting blood and qi. Western doctors are damned, and therefore no one will pay attention to this in the treatment.

In addition, the coloring and decline of Qi and blood can be achieved in other ways. That is a completely different combination of bioactive zones can lead to miscarriage!

Therefore: it is absolutely not recommended for pregnant women to attend acupuncture sessions. The consequences may be irreversible!

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