Acupuncture and damaged spinal cord

Surprisingly, but true. It turns out acupuncture can significantly ease the plight of people suffering from damage to the spinal cord. Although such an observation has been made so far only for rats, scientists plan to prove it for humans too.

Scientists from South Korea took up the business, who gave us this medical news. For the experiment they needed 80 rats, which, especially for science, in the name of humanity and bla-bla-bla, damaged the spine. Then one-third of the rats performed an acupuncture procedure. In this case, the ancient method was used as a basis, which was to install needles in two zones located on the face and upper hind legs.

The second third of the rats conducted an imitation of this process, but the remainder did not get any treatment.

Just a month after the test, the rats that received acupuncture treatment became noticeably better. How was it determined? Such rats were much more willing to move, they less dragged hind legs, and as for the coordination of movements, the movement of the front and hind legs was carried out by them more successfully. In addition, rats from the acupuncture group showed good balancing performance on an inclined plane.

acupuncture rats

Then the rats underwent a thorough investigation. It turned out that if a rat underwent an acupuncture procedure, then he had a lower level of inflammation in the area of ​​the injured spinal cord. Also, these rats had a reduced level of proteins, leading the process of inflammation, so the number of nerve cells that died as a result of the injury was less.

As usual, scientists are perplexed about the effects of needles. So far, they believe that the injection causes stress, which, in turn, causes the expression of a certain group of genes.

As for people, the main harm is not the spinal cord injury itself, but what happens next is tissue inflammation, which leads to the destruction of nerve cells.

So far, the results obtained from rats cannot be transferred to humans and additional research is required. However, soon the doctors hope that they will be able to start the experience in public.

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