Acupuncture and weight loss

Of course, the uninitiated man, brought up in the cult of Western values, acupuncture may seem like shamanism and magic. In fact, the effect is caused by a change in the processes occurring in the nervous system and a change in the properties of the mechanisms that ensure the interaction of the central nervous system and internal organs.

Acupuncture is perhaps the main pillar chinese medicine, along with herbal treatments. Acupuncture treats not only a variety of diseases, but also helps to normalize the metabolism and reduce the need for food. In other words, acupuncture - A great way to lose weight without the use of harmful drugs, but without a healthy diet, you still can not do, so do not think that needles are a panacea. But we are not talking about a hard food restriction. The whole point is that, thanks to acupuncture, you will naturally want to eat less, because the body itself will refuse harmful products.

An acupuncture session is not only absolutely painless, but also very pleasant, it will give you a lot of interesting sensations. However, this is true only in the case when you are engaged in an experienced professional. Otherwise, in the hands of a charlatan, the consequences may not be so pleasant, and sometimes completely negative.


The classic technology of acupuncture is already thousands of years old, and since the method is at the height of fashion, its new varieties constantly appear. For example, one of them is called Falev method. According to this technique, acupuncture is performed only with the auricle, in which, as is known, there are many active zones. There are areas that help block the feeling of hunger. Just one needle, installed precisely in this center, is enough, and the desire to overeat from you is reduced, and during regular sessions it will completely disappear. However, this method requires regularity and constant medical observation, so this is not a miracle needle, which is stuck and forgotten.

Another technique is called “Golden needle Mukhina”. The method is to use a special needle, which is very similar to an earring for piercing. This needle from the side cannot be called a needle, but it is fastened very securely and does not fall out. As a result, losing weight on the basis of such acupuncture requires only one visit to the doctor, after which you wear the earring for 3-6 months. Moreover, in particularly neglected cases, you can wear up to a year.

Golden needle Mukhina

As for the standard method, it consists in using needles to stimulate biological active areas that are located throughout the body. For effective treatment will take several sessions, each of which lasts 30-60 minutes. The specific duration of the session is decided by the doctor individually with each client.

For weight loss is not necessary to stimulate the zone, which is directly responsible for the feeling of hunger. Needles are also used for areas associated with the work of the digestive organs, kidneys and liver. A skillful impact on these zones will also help you lose weight quickly and effectively. However, the real effect largely depends on the experience of the doctor, because in acupuncture experience plays the same important role as in conventional medicine. According to the canons of Chinese medicine, there are no diseases, there are people with disabilities, so the treatment is entirely individual, depending on the characteristics of each patient.

Finally, wanting to lose weight, do not imagine acupuncture as a magic that will instantly save you from extra pounds. If, at the end of the acupuncture sessions, you take up the old, do not go in for sports, and follow a healthy diet, everything will return to normal.

Also note that acupuncture against weight loss cannot be performed for people with diabetes, as sessions can affect the body’s insulin production processes.

Acupuncture treatments against weight loss are also well combined with special preparations, such as Tiens, and teas for weight loss.


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