Needles and self-hypnosis

Let us ask ourselves this rhetorical question: why does acupuncture help? Of course, this is 5,000 years of experience in applying this technique in practice. This is a deep philosophical, theoretical and practical basis, serving as a fundamental stone of all traditional Chinese medicine. And this is the result, one way or another - always the result!

Acupuncture it works without fools, and it helps a lot of people who, moreover, often have already despaired of other methods of modern medicine. The European version of acupuncture, unfortunately, is far from being as effective as the Chinese. But not everyone can go to China, find there really experienced doctor and treat the desired treatment. We have to rely on local craftsmen who do not have enough stars from the sky, but ... rather successfully treat sciatica, headaches and back pain, as well as many other syndromes. In addition, even alcoholism and smoking are successfully treated, which in itself is not a trivial task.

What other reasons could be other than those that are repeatedly described in other articles on

After the movie “The Secret”, only the lazy does not know about the visualization and about the “placebo” effect. This same effect is actively used by doctors for non-drug treatment. The placebo effect on the patient depends on the general level of patient's suggestibility, and on external factors, for example, on the authority of the clinic or doctor, on the rave reviews of the neighbor, on the size and even color of the tablet, on the mass advertising of the clinic on TV, etc. Anything goes into action.

placebo effect

Well, if we are talking about acupuncture, here the placebo effect just reaches heaven! We have a difficult relationship with pills: yes, something is working there, we know that these are chemical compounds of the pill that somehow affect the body. As a result, one chemistry merges with another and we gradually recover.


But about acupuncture This can not be said. For an ordinary person, this is a secret behind seven locks, and he can only be trusted by doctors, who say that this is a unique remedy. Here 5000 years of history come to the rescue. Couldn't people have spent so much time doing useless nonsense? This gives the same advertising effect as in the case of bank advertising: “Founded by Napoleon in 1805,” etc. Every 5 thousand years, the people are stuck in themselves, which means it works!

Self-hypnosis is the most powerful tool that sometimes allows you to get incredible results. In addition, the less we understand the essence of treatment, the more it takes faith in its effectiveness. As a result, if we are offered a new medicine that is incredibly effective, with excellent treatment statistics, huge popularity, chic reviews, and they offer this medicine in a well-known clinic, and also with the help of a wonderful smiling and handsome doctor, and the tablet itself also looks cool. - the patient is imbued with this shaft of information and begins to believe in their chances.

pretty doctor

And with regard to acupuncture, faith plays an even bigger role. After all, who turns to her? Well, let's say, bored housewives, but these we do not take into account. What about those who are disillusioned with conventional medicines that did not help them at all? These patients are sometimes ready for anything, and there’s enough a doctor with a cabinet hung with diplomas (preferably with hieroglyphs) and now you’ll get - a placebo effect in all its glory! As a result, the placebo effect can do much more than the doctor will try. And this is wonderful, because, no matter how, the main thing is that it should work.

Well, we have already said more than once about acupuncture - we need a very good specialist, and, preferably, not a western school.


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