Acupuncture Cataract Treatment

Cataract is an extremely unpleasant disease, the effectiveness of the treatment of which is still a big question. Methods of modern medicine are often either ineffective, or prohibitively expensive, if not completely useless, as luck would have it. But in unconventional Chinese medicine, this disease is often managed to cope, and quite quickly. And Zhen Tszyu or acupuncture is used for this, of course.

What is a cataract? This is an ophthalmologic disease, which is characterized by clouding of the lens of the eye. As a rule, the elderly suffer from this disease, and the disease develops after 60 years.

Looks like a cataract eye like this.:


When the lens becomes cloudy, the patient sees everything in a blurry light, with fuzzy and blurry outlines. The image sometimes doubles and triples, and the pupil instead of black, acquires a different shade, for example, grayish, or as shown in the figure above.

The causes of cataracts are still covered in darkness, which is typical of modern medicine. Different eye drops, alas, do not contribute to getting rid of the formed turbid areas, and only inhibit the process of further development of the disease. The result of a cataract is total blindness.

Cataract is surgically treated when an artificial one is inserted instead of a clouded lens.

And what can Chinese healers offer us? According to them, the vision is directly connected with the liver meridian, so if you straighten the flow of qi in this channel, you can heal the patient from various eye diseases, including strabismus, cataracts, etc. But the most important thing is that there is one point, called jing-chung, which is ... right in the very center of the pupil.

That is, the Chinese boldly stick a needle directly into the pupil, to a depth of about one centimeter. The sight, of course, is heartbreaking. The patient prepares for such treatment in advance, it will require fasting, diet and abandonment of nervous experiences, at least for a while. Help in this meditation.

As a rule, Chinese doctors are learning how to treat cataracts in animals, say, sheep. If the treatment of sheep's eyes is successful, then it is already possible to go to the person. As for this mysterious point itself, the impact on it can cure various types of cataracts, which cause total blindness.

The injection of a golden needle directly into the pupil, however, is available only to the very masters. And this, of course, is not the only method, however, is considered the most effective. Now imagine what skills a doctor must possess in order to conduct such an event. This should be a MASTER with a capital “M”.


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