Appearance of acupuncture

There is a lot of controversy and research about the source of such happiness as acupuncture. And the versions of these car, but, funnyly, they are radically different from each other. The theorists of the Western school, whose thoughts are fundamentally different from the Chinese version, have succeeded especially in this. Let's list a few of these versions.

A version from Michael Goych, duplicated by a domestic expert V.N. Fokine

The soldiers, injured on the battlefield, spoke of the sudden disappearance of diseases that had plagued them for years. In ancient times, stones and arrows were most often used as weapons. The doctors of that time were knocked down, trying to understand what could be the connection between injury and healing.

Version from G.V. Hermann

Primitive man was completely dependent on fire, which caused his experience of cauterization. Survived in those conditions, only healthy and strong individuals, therefore, convinced of the divine nature of fire, began to burn outer wounds, bites. However, cauterization resulted in severe pain. Since pain with cauterization resulted in a reduction in pain from injury, the ancients began to use pain for treatment. They acted in a painful way on areas of the body, using a variety of objects, such as stones, sticks, etc., to get rid of their suffering.

Version from D.M. Tabeeva, a famous domestic specialist in acupuncture

The effect of acupuncture manifested itself quite by accident, as a result of ritual tattoos. It turned out that the injection to a certain point on the body made it possible to get rid of certain painful sensations and to the treatment of a number of diseases.

Energy points on the body just heaps:

acupuncture points

Chinese parable about the appearance of acupuncture (retelling)

More than 5,000 years ago, in the era of Emperor Fu Xi, one of his subjects suffered from constant and regular headaches. Suffering this lasted round the clock. One day, while working in the field and grimacing at unbearable headaches, he accidentally hit his leg with a chopper.

When the pain in the leg dissipated, the peasant suddenly realized that the headache had gone with her! The peasant told everyone about this, and now everyone in the village began to beat themselves with hoes on their feet, so that in the morning they could go to the rice fields awake.

This news reached the emperor himself. Curious, he decided, of course, that a plebeian chopper was no good for his royal body. Therefore, he began to look for another, more humane way to get rid of pain. And studies have led to the fact that the angle of a stone needle in a certain area on the foot gives the effect no worse than a chopper. This is how the era of acupuncture began, with the development of which more and more new energy points on the body opened up.

As you can see, if the European versions sound one delusional of another, then the Chinese version looks the most reasonable.


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