Parable about Yin and Yang

Chinese parables are often very tricky, eloquent, and so folded in such a way that the devil himself will break his leg, and while you finish reading it to the end, you can fall down from boredom and deep sleep. However, it must be admitted that in such parables there is a lot of interesting things: the thoughts, the ancient wisdom of the people, and just funny stories come across. We will tell one of such parables in the retelling of modern language.

Once upon a time there was such an ordinary Chinese family. She had a beautiful wife and an ordinary Chinese husband. They didn’t live, and after a while her hubby started to mess around, got himself, you know, a mistress. The wife, of course, was perplexed and grieved, but most of all she was surprised by the fact that her husband's mistress was still a monster. Moreover, the wife always served her husband as a servant, then bring it, bring it, in bed she humored her, and her mistress held him in fists.

Finally, entangled, our heroine went to the Chinese sage. And she began to ask him: how is it supposedly? I dress beautifully, I watch myself, I please my husband in everything, but did he prefer me some kind of zamuhryushku?

Principle Yin and Yang:

Yin Yang

And the sage responded to her as follows: “You won't wash your hair for the whole month, don't comb your hair, don't tidy up the house, it's not mine. Do not pay attention to your husband. And then you come to me. ” The whole month the wife was actively performing the task of the sage, for the fun of her husband. As the month passed, she came again to the sage.

The sage looked at her: dirty, not washed, the smell for three kilometers is audible. Nodded approvingly. And he gave the following task: now you need to quickly put yourself in order, return all former luxury, but continue to dare your husband away from you, do not pay attention.

When the husband saw his transformed wife, he cried: “O my beautiful! How could I go to this unworthy when I have such a treasure at home ?! ”

The parable, as you can see, is very eastern :) What is the salt?

According to the philosophical side of Yin-Yang, all the wife’s initial behavior — beautiful outfits and attention to her husband — is only one side of the vital harmony.

But in order to achieve a balance of power, there must be the opposite side, the appearance of which turned the husband’s idea of ​​his better half. The thing is that opposites are completely dependent on each other. Only in a single combination can they exist.

It seems to us, the parable may well be useful to European wives, do not want to try? ;)