Yellow Emperor and Cinema

The now famous Yellow Emperor (he is Huang Di) was not always so. Instead of a real historical personality, it was a mythical personality, born of the heavenly spirit, who did good to his mother. He destroyed all demons, was a member of the immortal group, united all of China into a single state, became the first emperor, carried out various reforms and was engaged in many others. For example, he introduced a common written language, a monetary economy and a system of measures and weights, became the author of the first fundamental work on acupuncture, created the Great Wall of China, and so on and so forth.

Finally, tired of righteous works, he ascended to heaven, leaving a great power to his descendants. For many years this myth remained such, and yet in every nation there are similar stories about the super-sovereign, from whose steps the earth shook. However, in 1974, the well-known tomb of the Yellow Emperor and his Terracotta Army, about which myths spoke about, were found. Scientists, inspired by the findings, dug into the archives and discovered the tales of the biographer Qin Shi Huang. As a result, the Yellow Emperor became not only the progenitor of all Chinese, but also a very real historical figure.

Yellow Emperor, he is Huang Di, himself:

Yellow Emperor

Why was Huang Di so yellow, his skin color bleed? No, it's just that Juan Di simply translates as “yellow emperor,” “holy emperor,” and other accolades. Plus, yellow has always been associated with the sun and gold. Although, according to one of the versions, yellow is the color of the elements of the Earth, which is the main component of U-Sin, a system of five fundamental elements of the universe. Consequently, according to this version, the Yellow Emperor becomes the “emperor of the center of the universe (the world)”.

According to legend, the Emperor conducted many battles in the name of the unification of China, thanks to which he made the state united in terms of culture, language and monetary economy. Then he retired, took up the soul and, enlisting the support of the holy and immortal spirits, moved the guests to them. Moreover, and there he worked tirelessly, becoming one of the five Emperors of Heaven, and at all the main one, since his color was also the main one - Yellow.

In general, our culture does not have such a cool personality. All our emperors and leaders quietly whine in the corner compared to this man. And the Chinese adore him immensely, because he was the first who not only realized, but also completely came up with the idea of ​​a United China.

But in the movie Mummy 3 of our hero recorded in the villains. And the Chinese, of course, were stunned and indignant. A rental in China of this film failed miserably, but why did Jet Li set up his compatriots in this way, too, the question was that he had little money or something.

So where does acupuncture come from, you ask. Well, of course. After all, the Yellow Emperor is the author of the work “The Treatise of the Yellow Emperor on the Inner” or “Huang Di Nei-Ji”, which is the most ancient of all known works on classical Chinese medicine. Of course, since the release of the treatise over the centuries, all other authors have done nothing but actively quoting it.

If you are wondering what kind of work it is, you can easily find the “Treatise on the Inner” in online libraries. The treatise was translated by a wonderful Sinologist Vinogrodsky, who spent more than one year on this. So if you want to start acupuncture from the very basics - be sure to check out this work.


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