Two minute facial massage

This massage is also called “Orient Express”. It is based on the practice of yoga and helps strengthen the muscles of the face, bring them into tone. This massage will take only two minutes, so the excuse that you do not have time for it will no longer help you :) Two minutes can be found at any time, so do not be lazy, because the massage has a really useful effect that you immediately feel.

As a rule, it is advisable to do this massage in the morning, after applying a moisturizer to the skin. As a result, the effect of the cream will be more pronounced, and for the pleasant warmth and tingling that is poured over the face, you can immediately feel the effectiveness of this tiny, but very useful massage.

So, we need only 4 movements.

1. Using your thumb, gently massage the lower chin area for 15 seconds.

2. Now, using the base of the palms, gently massage the jaw with circular movements for 20 seconds.

3. Using the index, middle and ring finger, massage the side areas of the neck for 10 seconds.

4. Finally, cover your ears with your palms and massage them with smooth circular movements for 30 seconds.

Well, just two minutes, and how much better, is not it? This express health, even if the east :)

Face massage

And, of course, do not forget about the main thing - in order to preserve youth, not drugs and procedures play a key role, but optimism, self-confidence and a focus on success. Cheerfulness and no old age fatigue and grunts - the only way you can feel young!


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