We take off fatigue in 5 minutes

The famous doctor Liu Hongsheng, who became famous in the field of work with the football players of the Moscow “Spartak”, is happy to share some of the secrets of manual therapy that will be useful to you even at home. In this case, we will talk about how to quickly get rid of fatigue at the end of a hard working day, whether at a table with a computer or at a car steering wheel.

As a rule, valiant office workers and professional drivers are very tired by the evening. Eyesight blurred, attention and concentration go to hell. To quickly improve well-being, you need to make a neat massage to several points located in different parts of the face. If you make all the rule that vigor will not take long to wait, so practice :)

So, we need 5 points. They are located in the following places.

The first point. This is the inner corner of the eyes. It is necessary to press simultaneously, from both sides.

Second point. This is, in fact, just three points that are located on the outer edge, in the middle and inner edge of the eyebrow. It is necessary to press simultaneously on points located symmetrically on both eyebrows.

Third point. This is a bulging point located above the bridge of the nose, right between the eyebrows.

Fourth point. This point is at a distance of 0.5 cm from the lower eyelid. It is necessary to press immediately on two points under both eyes.

And here is the scheme of these points:

Points of manual therapy

A few words about the effectiveness. Pressing on these points should be done with fingertips for a minute, and by “press” is meant quite a powerful and massaging pressure, but without pain. If you feel pain when pressed, therefore, you need to calm down the ardor and press gently.

Speaking of Liu Hongsheng. This, as you already know, is the leading sports doctor of the Spartak Moscow football club. Almost 15 years spent a doctor in the ranks of the Chinese people's army, working as a doctor in a military hospital. The basics of Chinese medicine passed on to him from his grandmother, who taught him methods of reflex and manual therapy. After leaving the army, Liu began working as a therapist in a small town, where he gained popularity throughout the country. In the early 90s, in a team with several other doctors, he was invited to work in Russia, where he settled down. In recent years, Liu put his hands to almost all the players of the club. In addition, famous athletes and actors, including Maria Sharapova and Mikhail Youzhny, use its services.

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