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As acupuncture healed the angle

Acupuncture has helped cure a pet-tailed pet that has suffered from asthma for almost three years. The owner tried many methods of treatment, until one of the veterinarians did not conduct an acupuncture course for an 11-year-old Siamese cat named Kiki. Before

Acupuncture for cats and dogs

Dogs and cats, our pets, are sick as well as humans. And of course, wanting to cure our pets, we are often forced to resort to the help of medicines and means that are often harmful to the body of the animal. Before you assign a favorite

Polycystic Acupuncture

Such an unpleasant disease, like polycystic ovary, is quite common. The occurrence of this disease is associated with hormonal imbalance and problems in the work of various organs of the endocrine system, in particular, the pituitary, adrenal glands, thyroid gland and, directly, the ovaries themselves.

Acupuncture: current trends

We continue the interesting topic of acupuncture and talk about whether it hurts when they turn you into a hedgehog, set with needles :) The experienced needle reflexologist finds the area for installing the needle quickly and to the touch. However, it is often used for this

Acupuncture: to whom and why?

It would seem like a normal needle can affect significantly on health? Well, when medicine is injected into the body through it, then everything is clear, but what about acupuncture? Why does it work, and does it work at all? Let's say

Two minute facial massage

This massage is also called “Orient Express”. It is based on the practice of yoga and helps strengthen the muscles of the face, bring them into tone. This massage will take only two minutes, so there is no excuse that you do not have

Shiatsu homemade massage

Well, who does not know what shiatsu? This is a wonderful Japanese type of massage, which in its principle somewhat resembles Chinese acupuncture. But do not be afraid - instead of needles, in Shiatsu only fingertips are used,

We do massage against wrinkles

What can I say, old age is waiting for each of us and we are trying our best to prevent its occurrence. And that just does not go to the course: cosmetic preparations, a lot of expensive procedures in the salons, folk remedies. Massage

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