Acupuncture and damaged spinal cord

Surprisingly, but true. It turns out acupuncture can significantly ease the plight of people suffering from damage to the spinal cord. Although such an observation has been made so far only for rats, scientists plan to prove it for humans too.

Scientists doubt acupuncture

Scientists, of course, do not feed with bread, just let them refute the value of popular and non-traditional methods of medicine that rob them of their clients. In their doubt, there is, of course, healthy grain - too many such traditional healers brazenly use the placebo effect, and sometimes even destroy their patients, without bearing any responsibility for it.

Atlas of auricular points

This remarkable atlas contains comprehensive information, as its name implies, on auricular points. This atlas is another product of Infomed Medical Center. The atlas provides information on more than 100 auricular points. The program has a user-friendly interface and advanced search, which allows you to quickly find the desired point. And you can search in the atlas by the following elements: drawing [...]

acupuncture atlas

All sorts of schemes and descriptions are great, of course, but what’s missing is a real atlas of acupuncture points. But not simple, but interactive, so that all descriptions of standard points, front-end zones and new points that were opened quite recently were. Fortunately, such an atlas exists, and was developed by InfaMed Medical Center. You can easily download [...]

Appearance of acupuncture

There is a lot of controversy and research about the source of such happiness as acupuncture. And the versions of these car, but, funnyly, they are radically different from each other. The theorists of the Western school, whose thoughts are fundamentally different from the Chinese version, have succeeded especially in this. Let's list a few of these versions. Version from Michael Goych, duplicated by a domestic specialist [...]

Acupuncture Cataract Treatment

Cataract is an extremely unpleasant disease, the effectiveness of the treatment of which is still a big question. Methods of modern medicine are often either ineffective, or prohibitively expensive, if not completely useless, as luck would have it. But in unconventional Chinese medicine, this disease is often managed to cope, and quite quickly. And, of course, Zhen Tszyu [...]

Needles and self-hypnosis

Let us ask ourselves this rhetorical question: why does acupuncture help? Of course, this is 5,000 years of experience in applying this technique in practice. This is a deep philosophical, theoretical and practical basis, serving as a fundamental stone of all traditional Chinese medicine. And this is the result, one way or another - always the result! Acupuncture works, without fools, and helps a lot of people, who, moreover, often have already despaired of [...]

Acupuncture pregnant

This theme, dear ladies, is so relevant that it is absolutely impossible to pass by by her! Now, in the spaces of the former USSR, so many clinics with an eastern slant have divorced that at least shout the guard. And well, there would be professionals who had been practicing with real Chinese doctors for 10 years, and even in China itself, so there is no ... a lot of theorists that [...]

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