Parable about Yin and Yang

Chinese parables are often very tricky, eloquent, and so folded in such a way that the devil himself will break his leg, and while you finish reading it to the end, you can fall down from boredom and deep sleep. However, it must be admitted that in such parables there is a lot of interesting things: the thoughts, the ancient wisdom of the people, and just funny stories come across. One of these parables [...]

Yellow Emperor and Cinema

The now famous Yellow Emperor (he is Huang Di) was not always so. Instead of a real historical personality, it was a mythical personality, born of the heavenly spirit, who did good to his mother. He destroyed all demons, was a member of the immortal group, united all of China into a single state, became the first emperor, carried out various reforms and was engaged in many others. For example, entered into [...]

Western or Eastern acupuncture?

I think everyone understands that between Western and Eastern medicine - if not the abyss, then such a solid break. What about the difference between western and eastern doctors? Of course, it is, even what. And nothing surprising, because we began to learn about Chinese culture only in the 20th century, and acupuncture gained a theoretical basis in Europe [...]

Meet reflexology

In the 21st century, the topic of non-drug therapeutic treatment became more popular than ever. Such a tendency is connected with the fact that traditional medicines often cause great damage to our body, they have an enormous amount of side effects (just read them in the description of any medicine!). The secrets of ancient medicine are gradually entering our lives, and according to them, the human body is not a bag with [...]

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Newbie Tips

This article is not intended for big fans of traditional Chinese medicine, who ate all the dogs in it (joke). While the experts are walking, we will talk to the newcomers about what it is - Chinese medicine and whether it is worth looking for a friend of the Chinese instead of visiting a district therapist. First of all, let's look at the three key delusions that often come to mind [...]